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Experience Michigan libraries in a new light: listen to live music, find a job, start a business, learn video production or computer programming, prepare for the GED and leave the building and go out into the community.

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1 Trent SmileyIntroduction by Trent Smiley, Community Relations Officer for the Genessee District Library

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Start the episode at the Grand Blanc McFarlen library, which houses a Business Resource Center to help people start a new business or take an existing one to the next level.

2 21 CenturyThe 21st Century Library

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If this is your first trip to a library in a while, you may be surprised by what you find.

3 YouthYouth Programs, Marshall, Detroit, Saginaw

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The Marshall Middle School library gives students the tools to learn video production and podcasting. At the Detroit Public Library, the HYPE Teen Center Makerspace has workshops ranging from sewing to computer programming and 3D printing. In Saginaw, the Swan Valley High School library supports a freshman transition class and MME/ACT prep program that has raised ACT scores an average of 3 points.

4 BusinessBusiness Development, Howell, Ann Arbor

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Libraries are bringing free services like SCORE business mentors and SBTDC business advice right to the library. Follow the story of the Howell Carnegie District Library, Library Biz Connect, Washtenaw Community CollegeHowell Chamber of Commerce and Cleary University.

5 WorkforceCareer Development, Lansing

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Find out what libraries are doing to help people find employment. Featuring the Capital Area District Library and Lansing Community College Library.

Through mel.org, use Job & Career Accelerator for jobs and LearningExpress Library to practice certification tests.

6 Digital LiteracyDigital Literacy, Marshall, Lansing

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Literacy is about reading and writing – so what happens when computers and technology are involved? At the Marshall Middle School Library and Lansing Community College Library, find out about a new type of literacy and how libraries are teaching it to people of all ages.

7 Community InvolvementCommunity Collaborations, Chelsea, Ferndale

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Did you know you might bump into a library event at a brewery, or an art gallery, or a concert? See creative community events the Chelsea District Library and Ferndale Public Library are organizing. Also featuring Soul Explosion, Chelsea Alehouse, River Gallery, Chelsea Area Chamber of Commerce and Stories of Chelsea.

8 MeLMichigan eLibrary

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Discover some of the things you can do with mel.org: databases to help you find a job, start a business, take practice career or college tests, get lesson plans for your students, do geneology research or look up legal information and more.

9 ConclusionConclusion by Trent Smiley, Community Relations Officer for the Genesee District Library

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Episode ending, credits and outtakes.