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If Michigan is going to be a comeback state, we need to find a way to create communities people want to live in. Experience revitalization made possible by the Michigan Housing and Community Development Fund.
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1 mhcdfMichigan Housing and Community Development Fund

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This video introduces the MHCDF, its purpose, history, and projects made possible by the fund.

2 habitatGrand Traverse Neighborhood, Flint

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Habitat for Humanity of Genesee County has revitalized 30+ homes in Flint’s Grand Traverse Neighborhood.

3 GatewayThe Gateway, Fremont

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Visit a historic 1926 high school in downtown Fremont that Home Renewal Systems is renovating into senior apartments.

4 west villageWest Village Manor, Detroit

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The retail space in West Village Manor was vacant and barely habitable before LAND, Inc. purchased the building and renovated the spaces, which are now home to local businesses and organizations.

5 willow havenWillow Haven, Linden

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Venture, Inc. acquired these apartments and completely transformed them.

6 herkimerHerkimer Apartments, Grand Rapids

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Dwelling Place revitalized an entire block in Grand Rapids, including the historic 1895 Herkimer Hotel and a new development behind it.

7 conclusionWhy MHCDF?

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Final thoughts on the Michigan Housing and Community Development Fund and what happens without community improvements.