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Find out what a land bank is and the many ways they can take abandoned or foreclosed property and turn it into something positive.

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Center for Community Progress Ingham County Land Bank
Genesee County Land Bank | Berrien County Land Bank
Kalamazoo County Land Bank | Grand Traverse County Land Bank

introductionIntroduction by Dan Kildee, President of the Center for Community Progress.

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Dan Kildee hosts the episode from Flint.

foreclosedWhat is a Land Bank?

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An easy to understand explanation and an animation.

DeconstructionDeconstruction, Flint

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Featuring the Genesee County Land BankMott Community College students, Architectural Salvage Warehouse of Detroit and Project Green House.

neo-centerCommercial Development, Lansing

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Featuring the Ingham County Land BankKincaid Henry Building Group, the NEO Center and UZoom Media.

episode4Demolition, Benton Harbor

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Featuring the Berrien County Land Bank, Benton Harbor residents and Water Street Glassworks.

episode5Housing & Green Projects, Kalamazoo

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Featuring the Kalamazoo County Land Bank, Kalamazoo residents and the Edison Neighborhood Association.

episode6Community Improvement, Traverse City

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Featuring the Grand Traverse County Land Bank, Traverse City residents, TART Trails and Traverse City Downtown Development Authority.

episode7The 411 with Eric Schertzing, Lansing

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Eric Schertzing is the Ingham County Treasurer and Chair of the Ingham County Land Bank. Find out about land banks and the projects the Ingham County Land Bank is doing in the county that you might recognize.

endingConclusion by Dan Kildee

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Episode ending at the restored Durant Hotel in Flint, credits and outtakes.

Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 4.34.05 PMBonus: Land Banks 101, Center for Community Progress

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This 30 minute training introduces land banks and explains how a county land bank can be set up to address local vacant, abandoned and foreclosured property situations.