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Check out different healthy places in the state and meet people redefining what is means to be healthy in Michigan.

pdfEpisode Transcript


introductionIntroduction by Anneshia Freeman, Program Director of The Lies that Bind®

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Hosted from Arbor Circle in Grand Rapids.

segment1The Lies That Bind®, Grand Rapids

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The Lies That Bind® is a program helping people restructure their belief systems to change their lives and the way they view the world. Anneshia’s program is hugely successful. She has used it to help women of various socioeconomic classes, from Drug and Sobriety Court participants to private clients who want to overcome negative behaviors rooted in their unconscious belief systems.

segment2Ingham County Health Plan, Lansing

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The Ingham Health Plan provides affordable health care to Ingham county residents who are uninsured.

crimCrim Festival of Races, Flint

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Organized by the Crim Fitness Foundation, the Crim Festival of Races draws tens of thousands of people to Flint every year.

segment4Everybody Eats, Lansing

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Many people gather at the Everybody Eats Conference in Lansing to learn about growing food and making fresh, healthy food accessible to everyone.

segmen5Just B Yoga, Lansing

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Extremely community-friendly and welcoming to everyone, Just B Yoga and Tai Chi is Lansing’s only donation-based studio.

segment65716 Wellness Center, Detroit

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The 5716 Wellness Center on Michigan Avenue in Detroit offers all kinds of health and supportive services to families in the area.

AnneshiaConclusion by Anneshia Freeman

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Episode ending, credits and outtakes.

Bonus: Anneshia Freeman Book Interview The Adult Reenactment of the Childhood Script

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Information about Anneshia’s books and training for practitioners who work with challenging populations.