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Find out about ways people are making and saving money, and opportunities to get financial education in Michigan like through VITA sites, Show Me The Money Day, and free tax preparation.

pdfEpisode Transcript

State Farm MSHDA

introductionIntroduction by Nick Metzger at the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing

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7-2Show Me the Money Day

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An annual event in cities across Michigan where people can get free tax help and attend free workshops. Visit showmethemoneyday.org to find an event near your or to get help to plan a Money Day for your community!

segment2Generation E Institute Student Business Showcase, Battle Creek

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Over 170 student-run businesses are featured in this public event in Battle Creek. Featuring the Generation E Institute, L and N’s Hair Accessories, Thirsty’s, Friends for Life, H + H Originals and Queen of Hearts Bakery.

segment3Financial Opportunity Centers

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Similar to Centers for Working Families in Detroit, FOCs across Michigan offer job, financial and public services all in one place. Featuring Michigan LISC and the LINC Opportunity Center.

Trina ShanksSpecial Guest Trina Shanks at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

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Olivia Courant asks Trina Shanks about “asset building” in Michigan, and how it can help families save money.

segment5The Earned Income Tax Credit in 3 minutes

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The EITC allows families to keep more of their earned income. How does it work? We explain in 3 minutes.

segment6Extreme Couponing

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Did you know you can use two coupons when you are doing ‘buy one get one free’ sales? Amber Paxton at the Asset Independence Coalition gives us tips on how to get the most out of our coupons.

7-9Conclusion by Nick Metzger

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Episode ending, credits and outtakes.