The Bright Side features positive stories around Michigan and provides useful tips, everything from who to call for foreclosure help to how to improve a small business. It is a completed series of 20 episodes. Each episode is based on a different community economic development theme.

The Bright Side is produced by CEDAM (Community Economic Development Association of Michigan), a Lansing-based nonprofit with a statewide focus. In 2010 the Lansing Public Media Center awarded CEDAM a $25,000 equipment grant to create this show. The show has been supported by numerous other community partners.

Episode 3: Michigan on the Move

Take different kinds of transportation around the mitten, including Metro Detroit's bus system, fall color bike paths in Northern Michigan, a light rail visualization and more.

Episode 1: Michigan Fresh

How fresh can your food get? See how people are changing the way we think about food in Michigan. This episode explores gardening, local food and cooking.